Top 8 Event Venues for Big and Small events


As a part of an event management team or an individual artist, you need the right places to play your music or showcase your art. The event venues may differ based on the type of art you want to present. The prices for booking the venue will depend on the expected crowd and the ambience that should provide to your requirements. Considering you are ready with a budget for hosting an event, here are the venus you can book.


Fine dining restaurants are a great place to host corporate and family events. It is also a great place for artists to showcase their talent. While you cannot expect the crowd to cheer up the DJ and jumping on the floor, they will surely support any show with a round of applause.

Bars, Pubs, Clubs

The best places to host an energizing party are bards and pubs. These places have the right ambience to provide good food and music to the guests. Since most of the pubs do their main business during the night time, you can get a better deal booking the venue for day time.



Family events are best organized in hotels and resorts. Resorts have all the facilities and a ton of entertainment for all age groups. Businesses can also find conference rooms for their meetings, making it an ideal place for various kinds of events. You can also book a resort for a pool party concert and entertain the audience with your music.

Community centers

You can find the best deals to host an event in the local government community centres such as churches. You may not find the best facilities or entertainment in these places, but hiring a government hall can ease the burden from your pockets.

Art galleries

Art galleries can be a quite and vibrant place to conduct seminars and company meetings. While the guests can enjoy the art pieces, they can use the hall for hosting a talk event filled with presentations and QnAs.

Sports clubs

You can also check with the local sports clubs to see if they have empty places which they are willing to put on rent for events. You can use the football grounds of the local sports clubs to host a small musical event or something like an election rally.

Parks and field

Parks and fields

You can also book the parks and fields for events by talking to the local authorities. Parks are a great location for hosting book fairs, club picnics, and meet and connect sessions. Parks can also incorporate more people due to the vast spread of fields.

Academic venues

Most universities and colleges have their own indoor stadiums and theatres. You can connect with the academic authorities to book dates for your event. The colleges and universities will not mind renting their property out for events to earn additional income when their theatres or halls are not in use.



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