American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas

American Airlines Center

American Airline Center is a sports venue for two of the biggest teams in America – NBA’s Mavericks and NHL’s Stars. It has been the hosting ground for both the teams for over 20 years. Apart fro sports, American Airline Center is also a popular venue for hosting several events. Nicknamed “The Hangar”, the AAC is located in downtown Dallas. It is a place that can really bring out the spirit of celebration for events at night times. It has a capacity of 19,200 in the basketball stadium and 18,000 in the hockey stadium. Either you can book tickets for special events to see your favourite stars perform or you can book tickets for home teams matches to come regularly. Either way, the area will leave you satisfied.

The arena has marble flooring, glass atria, and signage similar to that of corporates or airports. It does not look very different from an airport when you look at it from far away. The arched roof of the arena of the roof makes it look like a giant bowl. With a seating capacity of 20,000 for basketball matches, you may sometimes get the worst seats at the back. You can still you the large video screens to watch the closeby action while you can still see the faces of the players from the last seat.

American Airlines

How to get to the American Airlines Center

The American Airlines Center is located in Victory Park, northwest of downtown Dallas. You can reach AAC easily by driving till the interchange of I-35E freeway and Route 366 freeway and finding the route to the stadium. You can easily spot the arena while driving on I-35E with the closest exits at Continental Avenue and Oak Lawn Avenue. You can choose from several parking options to find a place that you will not forget after the event. The cash lots are available at Victory Avenue, Olive Street, and at the south of Woodall Rodgers Freeway. You can also catch the DART that runs next to AAC.

Things you can do around the American Airlines Center

The AAC and the area surrounding the center has been planned and built to an urban-living center of Dallas. There is plenty of entertainment and activities that you can explore around the arena. You can also find accommodation in the nearby hotels if you are coming during the off-season for a private event. During the games, the nearby hotels get occupied pretty fast by the visitors.

As you go further from the AAC, you will soon reach a two-block stretch where you will find everything from retail stores to coffeehouses. It is a place where you can enjoy shopping as well as watch a movie in the theatres. Some of the popular restaurants to dine near AAC are Shooters Dallas, Hero, and L’Italiano Bistro & Bar.


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